BIO: Glassblowing is just a lot of fun! I started my BFA in 1972 at the Massachusetts College of Art, and completed it in 1977 at the New York State School of Ceramics at Alfred University, where I majored in sculpture and glass design. I left glass behind to pursue my MFA at the Claremont Colleges (1982) specializing in sculpture. I’ve recently returned to glassblowing, working with Jordana Daniels Korsen and her skilled and supportive team at the Hot Glass Art Center in Marlborough, NH.
The glass pieces I made in the 1970s largely broke down into two very different categories: funk-inspired goblets and sleek, sophisticated perfume bottles. Now returning to the medium, I find both of these themes re-emerging in my work. I’m attracted to classic vessel forms, which I try to infuse with a funky playfulness. While I blow many different kinds of vessels, I’m particularly attracted to vases, as the wide variety of vase forms provides me with a broad field upon which to play. This year I will also be offering window hangings, tumblers, barware, and bowls. I am excited that my husband, Donald Cotter, also a student of Jordana Korsen, will be contributing some of his pieces to my booth. Glassblowing is just a lot of fun!

Peter Bott
14 Ashfield Lane
South Hadley, MA 01075