2020 Sponsors

Judy and Bob Anderson
Sandy and Eben Andrew
Rev. Sue Arsenault-Koehler and
     David Arsenault
Anne and Oliver Barker
Helen and Ken Beal
Sally and Peter Bent
Lida and David Bernard
Deborah and George Bird
D.B. Blake
Suzanne Brown and Richard O’Leary
Nancy and Dick Church
Trudy Clemens
Joan and Hugh Collier
Diane and Kevin Connolly
Lindsay and Chad Cowan
Lindsay Crouse and Rick Blue
Lee and John Cunningham
Debbie and Bill Ebeling
Mimi Emmons
Lisa and Mike English
Gail Fairfield
Deb and Al Fichera
Mary Flaherty
Victoria and Rob Fortune
Linette French
Kari and Jud Gale

Val Gilman
Vicki and Bruce Godfrey
Karen and Mike Gorton
Jodi and Nat Gorton
Joan and Jeff Grady
Nancy Guselli
Judy and Carl Gustin
Joline and John Hentschel
Chicki Hollett
Martha and Tom Hooper
Betsey and Paul Horovitz
Caroline and Tom Hovey
Gail Howrigan and Rob Stern
Rosalie and John Hughes
Ellen Johnson
Kathy Johnson and Tom Moriarty
Pat Kerstein
Bobbi and Pete Kovner
Sandy and Peter Lawrence
Jackie Littlefield
Ellie Loring
Jill and Fred Lovejoy
Bob Lufkin
     in memory of Marcia Norton
Christine and Paul Lundberg
Maria and Anthony Marolda
Connie Mason
Kerry McKenna
Katherine McMillan
Joe Mechem
Anne Meyer and John Ockenga
Emily and Dan Murphy
Leslie and Jeff Murphy
Stevie and Greg Neal
Jackie Parker
Dave Pearce
Holly and John Perry
Peg and Bud Ris
Carolyn and George Rogers
Ellin Royds
Rob Russell
Deedy Sargent
Pammy and Steve Saylor
Dona and Pete Shea
Marilyn Short and Jeff Weiss
Hinda Simon
Alison and Peter Small
Rita Teele
Roseanne and Marc Vidal
Ann and Craig Walker
Tee and Michael Wall
Margaret and Bob Wallis
Jaye Whittier and Terry Sands
Sue and Pete Willis
Kristen and Leo Zerilli