Janet Egan
2 Prospect St
South Dartmouth, MA 02748
Cell: 508-971-0795
Office: 774-202-2190
Janet Egan Design

BIO:  Janet Egan’s passion for design, attention to detail, and interest in personal service has been incorporated throughout her career. For many years, she developed and coordinated programs at the renowned Rhode Island School of Design including the innovative "Artful Living" program for the Department of Continuing Education. The goal of "Artful Living" was to help students think "outside the box" to develop a more satisfying living environment by creating a creative approach to life. The program offered classes in the culinary arts, fashion, and interior and landscape design.

While at RISD, Janet took classes in apparel design, ultimately designing a collection that served as a springboard for what eventually became Janet Egan Design. She started small, offering her products at philanthropic benefits on the East Coast. Sales took off and she branched out nationally, selling through the non-profit sector and to a select number of retail boutiques such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Janet continues her commitment to philanthropy frequently donating a percentage of sales to non-profit organizations.

Janet’s passion for travel and textiles has led her to explore "off the beaten path" remote parts of the world including tribal villages in Gujarat, the medinas of Morocco, Indonesia, and the mountains of Bhutan where traditional techniques and craft are still practiced. She has befriended these artisans and incorporated their specialties into clothing that is suited to western taste. Over the past five years, production has expanded from the factory in China to workshops in India, Morocco and Indonesia. China still produces the silk filaments that are shipped to southern India to be woven and dyed in rich colors and are then sent to small ateliers throughout the world for production.

Janet’s personal mission is to help women feel beautiful and confident by wearing simple, timeless classic apparel that is unique, elegant, and skillfully constructed. In an age of catalog, on-line, discount store shopping, Janet Egan Design offers a service that rarely exists any more. She and her associates make it their priority to ensemble outfits that enhance a customer’s good features (eye/hair color, height) and disguise those parts (we all have them!) that they want to conceal. Janet recognizes that women come in different sizes and figure types and have different needs and life-styles, but knows that every woman is beautiful and can look great.