BIO:  This will be my 6th year participating at the Annisquam Art Show. My candy and canvas floor cloths are always a hit and are what most people seek out, although my therapeutic rice pads are popular too.
I grew up in Gloucester and have lived most of my adult life in Maine. I moved to Durham, NH  2 ½ years ago and previously lived in Maine for 33 years. I have been making toffee for over thirty years and started selling it at farmer markets in 2009. I have dabbled in art since high school and have my degree in graphic design.
Ellie May’s Sweet Toffee Crunch: I offer five different flavors of the most decadent toffee: dark chocolate covered, milk chocolate covered, white chocolate covered and my two gourmet flavors: Ginger Snap and Toffee on Fire, both covered in dark chocolate. Samples freely offered!
Therapeutic Rice Pads:  Soft flannel in wonderful prints holds jasmine rice in many different shapes and sizes to fit certain areas of the body. The pads can be heated or put in the freezer for use as a cold pad. Wonderful for the whole family.
Hand Painted Canvas Floor Cloths: I try to make each rug unique and this year is no exception. I feel that art should reach your floors as well as your walls. Certainly, if you feel that you would not want to walk on the cloth you can hang it.
Each rug is durable with three coats of a waterbased floor urethane and cleaning is as easy as a soapy sponge to wipe away the dirt. Cloths should only be placed over a hard surface and should not be soaked in water.
Contact: Ellie Stevens, 32 Worthen Road, Durham, NH 03824. 207-475-2896,