Bob Cunningham
734 Washington Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

BIO I love color.  Nature dishes out generous helpings of color in the thousands of species of flowers and birds that enhance our corner of the world.  But my favorite source of color is the western sky over Ipswich Bay.  Arriving at the beach ten minutes before sunset is like delving into a box of chocolates.  As Forrest Gump’s momma told him, “You never know what you’re gonna get.”  Some days not much of anything happens.  But many times the show is spectacular.  And there are no re-runs - every sunset is unique.  Sometimes the show features intense yellows, other times brilliant reds and oranges.  Often the best display is after the sun disappears entirely when vibrant pinks, purples and blues appear.  Clouds are the magic ingredient that create the best celestial tapestries.  Perhaps you will see beams of sunlight fanning out, or layers upon layers of gorgeous colors, or maybe a heavy gray blanket over a flaming horizon.
As if that weren’t enough of a treat, dessert arrives on those evenings when the colors reflect off the surface of the bay.  Calm nights often feature a mirror effect.  When seas are running the sun’s final rays may delightfully light up the wave crests, the sea foam and the salt spray.
Finally, if the tide has ebbed and the beach is wet, subtle variations of those colors in the sky and on the water before you will illuminate the sand at your feet.  And that is the inspiration for much of my work.