Beth Williams
17 Pleasant Street
Gloucester, MA 01930


BIO: Exploring the qualities of glass and color are what drive my work; using light and transparency in surprising ways along with layering color on color helps me to create unusual contemporary beads and jewelry. Inspiration comes from my gardens, the ever-changing light on the ocean, the seascapes that surround me…anywhere colors collide in nature. Pure silver and gold accents add a final tactile quality, allowing my pieces to be as interesting to touch and view as they are to wear.

From working with a mother-of-the-bride on her special pieces, to designing new styles for a wholesale collection or experimenting with new ideas, each part of the process is a fresh start in figuring out the perfect balance of fun, funky, simple and elegant!

Truly… I love working with my clients, one-on-one, and taking the time to really hear what they are looking for and understanding their personal design style.

I have been designing and making jewelry for more than 35 years, first in metals and then incorporating handmade glass. Creating my own glass beads for 25+ years gives me the opportunity to customize each piece I make; although some may be similar in feeling, each is unique to its wearer.