Andrena Huntsman

BIO:  Andrena earned her Bachelor of Arts from Smith College in American Studies with a major interest in Art in America under Oliver Larkin. College was followed by a decade in NYC at The New Yorker Magazine gravitating to the corridor and company of the cartoonists, most notably Charles Addams and Frank Modell.

In 1967 she came to Rockport, MA as a bride — as noted by the Head of her previous boarding school, Baldwin in Philadelphia, “Rockport: the home of Motif # 1.” And, of course, many artists and galleries.

She spent some time in Vermont where she had some sketches published and produced a panorama timeline for the Vermont Historical Society in Montpelier, VT

Later, Andrena moved back to Rockport for family stability, with art courses at NSCC, Rockport Art Association, Addison Gallery of Art, and trips with The Traveling Paintbrush group to Italy and Greece.

The current intention for these original fiber figures is translating them into an artform, shadowing the style of Charles LeDray and creative boxes of Joseph Cornell.